Our miscellaneous items are things that don’t fall into any specific category.   The items on this page will change often. 3” to 4” hoses, used for water or fuel, semi-rigid rubber, quick coupling ends.  Length 12’ and 14’. Price: 3”- $4 per foot, 4”- $5 per foot. Back 1964 Henry Troemner Precision Scale - 1000 lb. Capacity,  Precision scale used by NASA for weighing component parts  for space craft. Like new, Enclosed in wood and glass case. 20’ X 40’ Military Maintenance Tent Frames with Covers.  Complete Kits with Roll Up Doors. Price:  Sold out NEW!!! 50,000 Gallon Fuel Cells and Berm Liners. For above ground storage. Price: $1,000.00 per set Sold out!! Camo Net us military issue  $300.00 Troemner Scale Military stenogrophers  type writer $300.00 M4T6 bridge training kit $1500.00 Constantine Wire

Constantine Wire, NEW $20 a roll