This Page is currently under construction These are some of the projects that we have worked on, for our customers, and our own collections. M813  Tanker “The Hulk”  XM813 Short Bed Safari Truck M35A2 “The Tease” Bobbed M35A3 “Big Red” M35A2 Bobber project “The Punisher” “Desert storm” M35a2 Bobber deuce Sammy’s M35A2  Bobbed deuce Mad Max tribute Mad Max Tribute M151A2 repairs “Tatonka Negro” Black Buffalo Click the pic for more photos of the build Custom GMC Water truck Custom M1031 CUCV Back 20201216_122144.jpg Tan & Black Bobbed Deuce Weston’s “MAX” P1010022.JPG P1010015.JPG P1010016.JPG P1010017.JPG P1010023.JPG P1010020.JPG P1010018.JPG image (34c).jpg FB_IMG_1601869703754.jpg Check out our 4-Door 4X4, Click Here… 4-Door 4X4, M35A2 Base with  5.9 Cummins & Allison 5-Speed Automatic. A/C, PS & More - Work in progress… 4-door